A batch of songs

After a several year hiatus, I have begun writing lots of songs again. The songs posted below were written and recorded in the last several weeks. I play all the instruments, sing all the vocals, and program all the drums (I throw in a bit of hand percussion, but it's difficult to record drums in an apartment.) These are the almost final drafts, I've been making mental notes of the minor corrections I'll need to do before finishing the album.

I'm not sure how to describe them, so how about downloading them, giving them a listen, and doing it for me in the comments section.

Knuckles and Noodles

I think you're pretty


Rob a Bank


Scraggle Mountain

Nice Outside

Balloon Boy Saves the Day

All 8 songs in a 30.2 MB zip file

Also, many thank yous to my brother, for buying me theassbutts.com. There's not much there now, but I'm hoping I can keep writing songs and putting them on the internet. I'd like to do a blog sort of thing, except releasing full or partial albums, or maybe even individual songs, with each post.

Anyway, enjoy the tunes, and please let me know what you think, even if you think it's crap.


In memory.

This is one of my favorite comedians, Neil Hamburger, sharing a few jokes on the late Michael Jackson. I saw this on DVD a few years ago. One of the dudes I watched it with kept yelling, "What the fuck? What the fuck is this fucking shit? This isn't funny! What's his fucking thing with Michael Jackson? What the fuck?" I guess he saw it later, though, and thought it was hilarious.


Today is the big game!

I'm so excited about the big game today.

I put together some wontons, they're ready to drop in the deep fryer when we want them.  My girl made some kind of delicious Jell-O treat.  We have people on the way bringing chips and beverages and other assorted goodies.

Yeah, it's going to be fucking sweet.

We've got a 4th level Dragonborn wizard, a 3rd level Dragonbord warlock, a 3rd level Tiefling fighter, and a 2nd level Dwarf warlord.  I'm the dungeon master, and i've got some sweet tricks up my sleeves.  Last time the party got jumped by a bunch of kobolds on their way out of the town they were fleeing on account of various horrid scandals, of the dead and sexy variety, and of the robbing an entire tavern variety.

I'm pretty excited.  Today's game is going to be rad.

I heard there was some kind of sporting even on TV today, too, but I'm not into sports.