My leaking radiator.

Jesse was woken up by a nagging, electronic sound coming from downstairs. In a half-sleeping daze, he followed the sound to it's source: a fire alarm in the music room. The whole room was filled with thick steam as hot water poured out of the radiator that had exploded the day before, soaking the carpet to a squishy consistency. He went into the basement and found the pipes leading to the radiator in the music room and shut off the water.

And then he called me, because the radiator in my room is attached to the same set of pipes.

"Yeah, the radiator in your room was leaking," he told me, "and by leaking, I mean gallons of water were pouring out."

When I went home after work, I checked out the music room first. The floor was covered in blankets which were doing painfully little to soak up the ridiculous amount of water in the carpet. I braced myself, expecting the floor in my room to feel like mud as well.

Once again, I was pleasantly surprised to find a minuscule mess in my room compared to the disaster area downstairs. Water had been coming out of my radiator, but not nearly as much as I had expected. Instead of having a soggy floor throughout my entire room, I just had a puddle directly underneath the radiator.

It's wonderful living in an oldass house.


Orhan Kahn said...

Aw, dude :o

FARfetched said...

That kind of thing happens when the pipes freeze: the water (ice) expands inside the pipes; it has nowhere to go so it makes its own escape route by cracking the pipes open. Then when it thaws out, all the water pressure behind the ice sends the pieces flying around.

If you ever run out of propane in the middle of winter again, cut off the water and drain as much water out of the radiator pipes as you can. If you get to it before the water actually freezes, you won't have much (if any) damage. If it's too late, at least you won't have such a huge mess to clean up.

We've let the propane run out for three years in a row now… but Planet Georgia doesn't have much of a winter & the fireplace can keep the house above freezing.