Rocknroll Massacre.

Here's another attempt at some stop motion animation. I'm just figuring it out as I go, so I think I'm doing alright. Modeling clay on tin-foil frames. It gets a bit jumbled and confusing, but the whole thing tells the story of a guitar-playing monster who finds a golden skull and then gets attacked by a giant leech and a giant spider. He drills the spider's heart with a carrot drill, but soon has his arm ripped off by a lizard monster, who is then killed by a fly monster. Thanks to Melissa and Deb for the help.


dannyhatefuck said...

dude i think it was pretty awesome better that wallice and gromit, but not as good as team america world police

FARfetched said...

Not bad! Are you working on a longer project?

Adam LaVey said...

Cool stuff yo!!! Hey, I used to do this a while back, if you shoot for 18 or even 24 frames a second and time your moves that way it will look really smooth, but of course the time involved goes up exponentially. A consistant light source helps too. I love it, great stuff. Look forward to seeing more.

Paulo said...

Thanks for the compliments, guys.

@farfetched: No, I actually just did a few of these short videos and then stopped. Sometimes I dabble in things for a minute to see if I can do them, and if it's something I'll continue to do. I may make more of these in the future, but I have nothing planned. These ones I just made up as I shot, though, so I guess planning is irrelevant.

@adam: I was impatient enough doing these, 24 frames/second would be a nerve shattering hellride. I realized I needed a consistent light source when I saw the shadows moving, but I didn't really have a good spot to work except in the window with the sunlight.