"The guy who eats from the trash."

Where I work, there is a coffee stand near the vending machines. They sell a variety of caffeinated beverages, as well as stuff like bagels, cookies, soups, and sandwiches. I might think it was kind of awesome if I didn't work a late shift. When I'm at work, they're not open. I still have access to some of the food, though, and I get an incredible discount. At the end of their day, around the time I'm arriving at work, they throw much of the food in the trash. It's clean, it's wrapped, and I have no problem eating free food out of the garbage.

I have a dilemma, though: I don't want to be "the guy who eats from the trash." I used to pull bagels and such out more frequently, but I pretty much stopped when I got caught taking a cookie. Luckily, the dudes who saw me were a couple of construction guys, there for one night, and not anybody I work with. I hadn't taken anything out of the trash in a while, but since I still don't have access to my money, thanks to the bastards who robbed me, I went looking for a free sandwich today. There weren't any sandwiches, but there were some bagels, wrapped up in clear plastic wrap. I took one, and it was the freshest bagel I've eaten in a long time, much better than the ones my girlfriend buys in a bag at the grocery store.

I should have access to my money within a couple of days, but now that I've eaten that bagel, I have an appetite for more free food. I feel like it's something I'm going to start doing more frequently, because hey, free food. There's just something extra tasty about something for nothing. I'm just worried that now it's only a matter of time until I'm "the guy who eats from the trash."


Lew said...

Is it possible for you to make sure there is no one looking, or is it too open of an area with too many angles to cover?

Have you considered dragging the entire garbage can out of sight and then picking it over? If someone sees what you are doing, it will just look like you are taking out the trash.

paulo said...

The garbage can is surrounded by so many corners it's pretty difficult to tell if somebody is about to appear. Whenever I'm at the vending machines and people show up, they seem to do so out of thin air.

I can't really pretend I'm taking out the trash, because there are very few people in the building at night. If somebody sees me, chances are they'll either know me or know where I'm working, and they'll likely know somebody who knows me. My usual strategy is to pretend I'm spitting out gum. It gives me an excuse to be by the trash can, but it's hard to explain pulling something out.

Lew said...

Are you sure you don't want to become the guy who eats from the trash? It could be considered a costanza moment.