Drive-through etiquette.

I was on my lunch break, in a hurry and picking up some tacos at the drive-through. A lady had pulled in to the parking lot moments before me, and she was driving up to the menu/intercom to place her order. Instead of pulling up all the way, she stayed back. She was close enough to read the menu, but not close enough to order. She sat there for a couple minutes studying the menu before pulling up and ordering. I wanted to pull in front of her while she was busy not ordering anything, but she didn't leave enough room. I kept wondering if she did that intentionally so she wouldn't lose her place in line, despite not even being prepared to be there.

What fucking planet do you have to be from to think this is acceptable? If you need to study the menu, go inside. I don't understand how some people have absolutely no problem inconveniencing others.

I don't want to unfairly judge people, but based on this woman's girth, I think it's safe to say she was no stranger to fast food, so it was pretty unlikely that this was her first visit to Taco Bell. They only have a handful ingredients that they slap together in different configurations, so you're going to get the same thing no matter what you order. If you need more than a few seconds to decide what you want, you're probably stupid enough that you shouldn't be allowed to leave the house by yourself, let alone drive a car.


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