More IKEA idiocy.

One of the things that motivated me to start this blog was my undying hatred of IKEA. Today, I found another reason to believe that IKEA shoppers are often complete fucking idiots. Check out what happened to this lucky shopper when she went to the IKEA I talked about in my earlier post:

Christine Blossom, 36, of Ypsilanti Township, was the 87th person to enter the new IKEA store in Canton Township just before 9 a.m. today.

As Blossom rode the escalator up into the store, she and others were surrounded by throngs of cheering and clapping employees.

"This is amazing. What a welcome. What a welcome,'' said an emotional Blossom, as she wiped away tears while riding the escalator.

Crying because people want to sell you stuff? Are you kidding me? If you think IKEA cares about you because you went to their grand opening, watch your step getting off the short bus when they take you back to the home. Oh, and the only reason you never see Ronald McDonald when you go to McDonalds is because he hates you, it's not because he's fake (but you probably guessed that already).

And here's a blog dedicated entirely to preaching the gospel of IKEA sucks!


Lew said...

I've dealt with IKEA furniture. First it's supposed to be all stylish, I think it's horribly tacky, like the kind of furniture they put in a kindergarden or daycare center. It's not classy, it's loud and in your face. That's not what I want in my living room. I'd rather have thrift store furniture than IKEA, at least you can find stuff that doesn't clash with the entirity of nature. However, given the option, I would take high quality furniture made of wood, instead of ikea which is made of sawdust held together with glue and the outside of it appears to be wood print (if you're lucky) contact paper. So basically it's sawdust with label paper over it. It's all about falling apart for no reason. I like the ikea robot on futurama: "here's your cheaply made sweedish crap"

Anonymous said...

If you want the absolute worst service you have ever had, then you should visit Ikea in Atlanta Ga.(U.S.A). You spend hours going through a "showroom" floor picking out some $2.00 piece of junk furniture and then when you get to "Self-Service" area the item you chose is nowehere to be found. In short, the Ikea showroom is a complete waste of your time because there is at least an 85-90% chance what you saw upstairs will be out of stock. The manager even told me this herself. Furthermore, Ikea gives you a "number" and requires you to wait in line for other items you may have seen upstairs. That wait may last 5 minutes, or an hour or more. Bottom line: if your time is valuable, do not go to Ikea. Finally, most of the people that work at Ikea have disconnected themselves from the whole "customer service" brainwashing attempts that most corporations put their employees through. You can get more help asking a complete stranger on the side of the road for something than you can an Ikea "team member". If you want more you will have to pay more. Go to a real furniture store, with real employees, and real designers, and you will most likley get your money's worth. Go to Ikea to save a buck, and you'll spend the next few hours shopping, only to be dissappointed in the end, and you'll spend the next few weeks assembling a bunch of crap that you'll probably throw away in a year or so anyway. Herein lies the irony of Ikea; they claim they are pro-environment, yet most of the crap they pass off as "furniture" ends up being little more than rubbish in your local landfill. Nonetheless, Ikea does have a great concept......pay employees as little as possible, work them to death, keep their hours few and their wages low. In the end,low wages=low prices. That's the Ikea way, its the Wal'Mart way, and it works. I don't care if your a Democrat, Republican, or whatever, no one can live on 6 bucks an hour and we all know it. Ikea, like most other mega, international corporations, sends most of what it makes to the top. And, after-all what is that magic number that Ikea generates in terms of revenue on a weekend? Actually, Ikea Atlanta can do millions on a weekend, yes millions. Simply put, Ikea makes Sweden look bad. I always thought that Sweden was a "model" socialist country. Well, if Ikea is Sweden's idea of success, then you can keep it. We already have enough companies right here in the good ole USA who milk there workers and the community for all they can get. Ikea, we don't need it. Put it back in the boat. Ship it back to the shores where it came from. Back somewhere to a forgotten third world nation where a little girl gets a dollar a day to sweat over an assembly line to produce some piece of crap item with a fancy name that I can't pronounce anyway. Those who have shopped there no what I am talking about. The Ikea concept of putting these trendy Euro names on all the crap they sell. That's what makes Ikea so special, it's a concept that we have all come to recoginize and appreciate, yet itccleverly disguises itself as something "unique" something "different". The only thing different about Ikea is that you can get Chicken Marsala instead of a Big Mac, or "poached Salmon instead of a whopper. In the end its all the same. Happy shopping................