You're really hot.

I was in town visiting my parents and went to the grocery store with my mom and my sister. When we got to the checkout line, the cashier and the two baggers were having a heated discussion.

"It's not right, those people are sick, they shouldn't be allowed to be gay in public!" ranted one of the baggers, a pock-marked, greasy teenage boy.

"I don't see why you should care at all," said the girl bagger.

"I don't want to see them holding hands or making out! It's disgusting!"

"You know what?" interjected the cashier, an older woman. "You can't judge people. Only God can judge."

"That's exactly right," said my mom .

"Well, they just better not hit on me, that's all I'm saying! I might have to punch somebody!"

My mom paid for the groceries, and we started walking out. When I passed the bagger, I looked him directly in the eyes.

"You're really hot," I said.


"You're. Really. Hot," I told him, saying each word slowly so he'd be sure to understand.

His jaw dropped open, and he just looked at me. He had absolutely no idea how to react. I smiled at him and savored the shocked look on his face as we walked out.

Sometimes, I just can't help fucking with people like that.

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Doug said...

haha, Damn near made me piss my pants